Ainna is my "revamp" friend, who always push me to create better and expand my css knowledge by mere looking at her designs.
    She is also a very caring person, who always has an encouraging word.

    Here are the sites that she runs!
    hakanai.net - fls collective
    bituin.org - directory
    northstar.nu - domains collective
    dir.hakanai.net/ - collectives directory
    cliques.northstar.nu/ - cliques directory
    scented.minty.nu/ - tribute to scented
    fics.northstar.nu/ - fics recs
    spring.minty.nu/ - revamp marathon
    ainna.me/pulse/ - blog

    I used BTS-themed layout, to match current Ainna's fascination for the band and the colors are reminiscent of her Primavera marathon ;)