The Dark Age of Reason

Welcome to approved fanlisting and a shrine for one of my two favorite neoclassical bands, Arcana. If you're a fan of this dark and mesmerinzing band, please consider joining and adding yourself to the list.

Arcana is really beautiful band, each album has deep, thoughtful and brooding atmosphere, which happens to calm me down a lot and makes me think about abandoned palaces and lonely ice castles.

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Site Updates

25th June 2019 I resumed working on the shrine :) New albums are described and capped and soon more to come - I am back on track!!

24th November 2018 I slowly update the sections. I was in hospital most of the time so now only "Dark Age of Reason" and "Cantar De Procella". It's slow process but I am getting there. See you soon!

20th October 2018 The fanlisting section is up and running, now I work on the shrine, it should be done in short time, as I will be adding new informations and my personal thoughts. Thanks for looking! :)

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