"Artemis / Diana"

In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of hunting, animals, forests, mountains and vegetation; great huntress. Also considered the goddess of fertility, helping women in labor. Just as Apollo was the god of the sun and life, Artemis was considered the goddess of the moon and death. It was believed that twin siblings were characterized by a similar spiritual structure. Due to the relationship between the rotation of the moon and the ebb and flow of the sea, Artemis came to be considered the patron deity of fishermen.

Her attributes were a bow, arrows and a quiver, and a favorite animal was the doe. She was the daughter of Zeus and Latona, the twin sister of Apollo. She was one of the 12 Olympian gods. The virgin goddess.

The goddess's favorite activity was to travel through wild mountain valleys, groves and forests at night. She always traveled in the company of faithful nymphs. Her presence was most felt near rivers and springs, in the vicinity of wetlands and marshes. It was believed that travelers and livestock were safer during the moonlit nights - Artemis was a terror to fierce animals. Arkadia was her beloved hunting ground - a virgin land of hills and forested valleys. Close kinship with Apollo, as well as the affirmation of life, made her a great lover of dance and music.