SkekMal is the Skeksis Hunter, an antagonist introduced in the 2016 novel Shadows of the Dark Crystal by J. M. Lee, and a major antagonist in the 2019 Netflix prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. His counterpart among the Mystics is UrVa the Archer.

SkekMal wears a skull mask to conceal what is said to be a scar across his face. In the prequel series, unlike the other Skeksis who wore heavy robes, he is shown to don tattered red and dark navy light clothing with bone parts worn as armor on the chest, knees, and back.

SkekMal is shown to be a self-serving, relentless, and sadistic rogue who thrives for the hunt, taking pride in being the strongest, fastest, and most athletic of the Skeksis.

In the prequel series, SkekMal’s brutal enough that most of his own species are terrorized by even the idea of him, let alone summoning the Hunter. He doesn’t appear to consider himself bound by Skeksis law, as SkekMal can freely threatening them if they get in his way of acquiring his targets. He resents the other Skeksis for their indulgent luxurious-like lifestyle, considering them petty, weak, and growing weaker.

It is heavily implied that he refused to pursue any creature he considers too ‘weak’ and it's considered an insult to him, as when SkekSil requests the Hunter to capture a Gelfling, the latter felt disgusted by it.

Despite all that, the Emperor SkekSo seems to hold him in high esteem, keeping a horn dedicated to calling him back from his endless hunt, something that the Chamberlain would later use to summon SkekMal.