Edmund Pevensie

Edmund Pevensie is younger brother of the Pevensie siblings in the Chronicles of Narnia book and movie series. He first shows as mean and nasty kid, who likes to bother his younger sister Lucy. Later, that characteristic is somehow sealed by his betrayal and selling the Pevensies out to Jadis. But Edmund knew he did wrong and redeemed himself in great way, fighting Jadis with the forces of Aslan and becoming one of the narnian kings, King Edmund the Just.

Edmund is one of the main characters in first three Narnia books, later the influence of the Pevensies diminishes to give a way to other heroes. But in the Last Battle he returns, to live with his brother and sister in new Narnia, the Land of Aslan.

Why Edmund?
Edmund was a tragic hero. He made a great journey to become better, fight his inner weaknesses and admitted to his mistakes. He took full responsibility for his misdeads and eventually grew in everyone's eyes, showing that he is - despite being only a child - a great warrior and honorable human being.
That and his unique personality throughout the books, makes him my favorite narnian character.

The Just?
The title referres to the royal title Edmund got, becoming a narnian king - King Edmund the Just. Not to mention that this title sums up Edmund perfectly. I had to use it as the name of the fanlisting.