Planet of the Apes.

Welcome to TFL listed fanlisting for one of my favorite rock bands, Guano Apes. If you're a fan of Apes, please consider joining and adding yourself to the list.

I was always more into metal scene so Guano Apes came like a wave of fresh breeze in '99 and still remained one of few rock bands I truly like. They were heavy, they were powerful and they were talented as heck and I used to play "Proud Like a God" CD many times a day, every day, when it came out. I broke for a small moment from metal completely, drowning in the sounds of Guano Apes. They are really awesome and were huge and I mean, HUGE, part of my teeange years. I still listen to them very often, even if their latest efforts didn't capture me as much as their old, more power-dripping records, which remain my top favorite albums of all time.

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